Our beautiful dogs

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Here are our five precious little dogs. Each one has his or her own personality of course. Ruff was the first to arrive, we adopted him as a baby puppy when we had our Labrador Gopi. He is now nine and a half years old. Ruff loves to fetch and is affectionate and extremely good off-lead. Ruff is the top dog.

Next came Millie. Whilst working in rescue she was surrendered by a young family “because she “went out the gate when it was open”. We decided we needed two small dogs and since Millie has a most beautiful nature and she loves us we kept her. Millie is a Miniature Schnauzer X Maltese.

Then we fostered Max for rescue too, he was surrendered because he escaped from inadequate fencing and wandered all over Tallangatta whenever his owner was at work. She couldn’t be bothered to fix the fence. Max is an absolute delight and has heaps of personality. He loves to bark at diesel 4WD vehicles, motor bikes and buses when we are out walking! We call him the “Dude” because when he is showing off he gets a real strut going 🙂

Then I got Maddy out of the Albury pound. She appeared to be pregnant as her belly was very swollen. But it turned out it was a terrible intestinal worm infestation. Her ear tips were also crusty and the hair all broke off from frost bite. She still hates the cold. Maddy is an unusual soft grey colour. She is a hunter and has a real Jack Russell personality, although she apparently did not have a good start to life because she does not like to be chastised and runs away when I get the fly swat out. She is a sweet darling little girl 🙂

Next came little miss cuteness; I first saw Mia on a lost and found pet page on face book and my comment was “someone must be looking for that gorgeous little dog”. On my next visit to the Albury pound to take photos there she was, thin, sad and huddled in a kennel in a pen on her own. My heart melted so I immediately went to the office to ask if we could foster her on her release if not claimed. Amazingly she had just been surrendered due to her previous owners marriage break-up. So I took her home and when Greg got home from work there was a very intense bonding moment! Mia was adopted by us and now that we have FIVE dogs! We happened to have a little cash so when Mia was spayed we had her DNA done and she is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Tibetian Spaniel X Pomeranian.

We love our five beautiful little dogs, we walk them five days a week and take them camping with us too. They are all desexed, chipped, registered and vaccinated, like all pets should be. They are fed the very best food and live and sleep indoors with us.

We have now retired from rescue work apart from me doing their website and the Albury Wodonga pound website, so cannot be tempted to adopt any more furkids!